A&T Puckle Electrical

"As we continue to expand we value any opportunity that presents itself to us. We are proud to be classed as a valued sponsor for Easts. Easts has played a big part in the Puckles families life.  We wish to thank the hard working volunteers of the club keeping the operation successful"   ~ A+T Puckle

A+T Puckle is an electrical contracting business that service all commercial and industrial customer needs including but not limited to installations of electrical communications networks, repairs, schedule maintenance, lighting supply & design. 

A+T Puckle Electrical have been operating since 2003 where the company has grown significantly from a one man show to a staff of 15.

A+T Puckle's office is located at Cobbitty and they commonly service the Sydney area. A &T Puckle also travel state wide to perform services from installation installations through to project managment of total installations.

Ph: (02) 4648 3447



Adam Puckle is the son of Wilma Puckle, a wonderful lady who poured her heart and soul into Easts Hockey Club (or Easts Campbelltown Hockey club as it was then known) during her time managing multiple teams and later, as a member of the executive committee,  Wilma worked tirelessly to ensure that the club ran smoothly allowing the rest of the club to concentrate on just playing hockey. Wilma was everyone’s second Mum, organizing raffles, canteen duty, patching up players and generally just being there to help everyone out.  In honour of Wilma, since 1995, a perpetual trophy is annually awarded to a junior player who shows great team club spirit, a contributor, a player who shows pride and gives a 100% effort each week